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We embrace the fact that we represent your business our experienced employees are smart and professional and will ensure that your consignment is delivered with the standards of both our own, and your business in mind.

 Same day service

We are specialists in providing same day delivery. Our same day delivery service entitles you to a dedicated vehicle and driver who will collect your consignment at a time and place to suit, and provide you with a collection receipt. This offers morning bookings made delivery by evening of the same day.

 Surface Cargo

All your bulk consignments are transported through our own fleet of Vehicles and through our own leased Railway Wagons and through other modes to various stations all over India. Supported by container LCVs, TPC ensures added safety and on time delivery for surface transit cargo.

Logistic Solutions

Warehousing and Dispatches - We provide godown facilities and function as a logistic service provider for procurement, storage, processing, packaging and dispatch of goods as per customer needs, thus functioning as a one stop shop for all logistic solutions.

  •  Reverse Pickup - An immensely popular and efficient nationwide service offering Return Solutions from even the remote areas of the country. Service particularly beneficial for express pick up of spare parts, replacement parts, defective parts etc. Service designable for challenging destinations and also to products requiring beyond routine operations. All processes controlled by IT driven operations.

  •  Cargo - A dedicated multi-mode cargo service for heavy shipments. Service available for all destinations. Option for Air or Surface movement available to clients. No limit on the number of pieces travelling under a single Airway Bill. No limit to total weight of the shipment. All inter-region movement by surface undertaken through dedicated express trains only. A desk to desk to service available with SECURE feature at nominal extra cost up to certain value

    Logistic Solutions

    Packaging and Processing - Customers get opportunity in availing services even for insertions of documents in envelopes, labeling, processing and packing.

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