Q.       Which are the locations that Mail Kart cover?
Ans.  Mail Kart cover all major loction Over 15 Mini Hubs to serve over 185 PIN Codes spread over Delhi NCR.

Q.       Does Mail Kart provide packaging?
Ans.   Yes, Mail Kart provides appropriate packaging.

Q.       Does Mail Kart provide an online tracking system?
Ans.   Yes, Mail Kart provides an online tracking system and all kinds of MIS reports.

Q.       Does Mail Kart do Bulk Deliveries?
Ans.   One of our prime strengths is Bulk Deliveries for which we also provide special rates.

Q.       Who should we get in touch with in case of a query?
Ans.   Please contact our Customer Care team.

Q.       What kind of products cannot be booked through Mail Kart?
Ans.   We have given below a list of products which cannot be booked through Mail Kart
          Currency , Bearer Drafts / Cheques.
          Invoice Specifying C&f, Cif, Fob.
          Indian Postal Articles .
          Liquids & Semi Liquids.
          Drugs & Narcotics.
          Liquids & Semi Liquids.
          Precious , Semiprecious and Antique Items.
          All Items that infringe the Indian Postal Act of 1898 and all IATA Restricted Items.

In case of any further questions please get in touch with our Customer Care Team.

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